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The Best Computer Repair Shop in King, NC

Info Updated March 2023

You've got a Laptop or Desktop Computer and its on the fritz... Whether you went to a suspicious website, a Windows Update has caused your device to go into a constant boot loop or you're looking to upgrade the hardware for better performance you've got an important decision to make.

The best thing to do is hop onto your Smart Phone and check Google Maps or Apple Maps for Computer Stores in your area. From there you'll typically see a list of computer repair businesses in your proximity. Likely you'll even get results for big box stores in Forsyth County in northern Winston-Salem. If you want to dive into why you should choose a local computer repair shop instead of a big box store like Best Buy's Geek Squad or Staples you can check the article we wrote years ago linked above. Once you've found a computer repair shop you should explore their website and reviews. Remember a reputable computer repair shop should have the following qualifications:

  1. Technicians with experience and certifications in repairing computers, such as CompTIA A+.

  2. Up-to-date equipment and tools for repairing computers.

  3. A clean and organized repair facility.

  4. A warranty or guarantee on their repair services.

  5. Good customer service and clear communication about the repair process and costs.

  6. A good reputation and positive customer reviews.

  7. Proper insurance and security measures to protect customer data and equipment.

  8. A wide range of services, such as virus removal, data recovery, and hardware/software upgrades.

Choosing the Best Laptop Repair Company in King, NC

Let's assume you want to do business with a local repair shop that has customer service in mind instead of making you "just another number", we've provided a list of local shops in Stokes County and their business information. Information listed is current based upon the date of writing, but we have provided direct links to each businesses third party listings. All businesses are listed alphabetically to prevent bias.

Small Business Local PC Shops in King, NC

Bringing Your Tech to Life

Bringing Your Tech to Life - Company Logo - PC and Mac Repair King, NC
Bringing Your Tech to Life - King, NC Reviews

GRH Computer Solutions

GRH Computer Solutions - Company Logo - Laptop Repair Germanton, NC and Rural Hall, NC
  • Address: 6401 Germanton Rd, Rural Hall, NC 27045

    • Home Based Business

    • Mobile Onsite Services

    • By Appointment

  • Hours:

    • Monday - Friday 12:00 PM - 9:00 PM

    • Saturday 12:00 PM - 9:00 PM

    • Sunday Closed

  • Phone: (336) 661-5321

  • Email:

  • Open Date: 2017

  • Previous Business Name(s):

    • GRH Computer Solutions (2017 - 2012)

    • Germanton Rural Hall Computer Solutions (2023 - Current)

  • Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Yelp

GRH Computer Solutions - Germanton, NC Reviews
  • Owner Name: John Young


PC 1 Zone - Company Logo - Computer Shop King, NC
PC 1 Zone - King, NC Reviews
  • Better Business Bureau Listing: None

  • Owner Name: Chris Mabe

Rocky Road Systems / Rocky Road Web Designs

Rocky Road Systems - Computer Repair and Web Design King, NC
Rocky Road Systems - King, NC Reviews
  • Better Business Bureau Listing: None

  • Owner Name: Paul Pugh

Your PC Restore

Your PC Restore - Computer Repair and Smart Phone Repair King, NC
Your PC Restore - King, NC Reviews
  • Better Business Bureau Listing: None

  • Owner Name: Mary Burton

Affordable Computer Repair (Google Business Page shows as Permanently Closed as of July 2022)


  • Website: None

  • Address: 890 Tuttle Rd, Rural Hall, NC 27045

    • Home Based Business

    • By Appointment

  • Hours:

    • Monday - Friday 5:00 PM - 11:00 PM

    • Saturday 8:00 AM - 11:00 PM

    • Sunday 8:00 AM - 11:00 PM

  • Phone: (336) 399-9865

  • Open Date: 2017

  • Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Yelp

Affordable Computer Repair - King, NC Reviews
  • Better Business Burau Listing: None

  • Owner Name: Calvin

Red Bank PC (Google Business Page and Yelp shows as Permanently Closed as of January 2023)

Red Bank PC - Company Log - PC Repair Germanton, NC
Red Bank PC - Germanton, NC Reviews

Choosing the Right Laptop Repair Company in Stokes County

As you can tell there are eight local computer repair shops servicing Stokes County. The Computer Shop that best fits your needs will be based on numerous factors:

  • Distance to Travel

  • Hours of Availability

  • Familiarity of repairing your type of device

  • Online Reviews

  • Cost

Many of the Computer Repair Shops operating in Stokes County are home based businesses. As a home based business ourselves, there are benefits that consumers should be aware of. The main benefit that affects consumers is cost of repair, in many cases a home based business doesn't have the high operating cost of leasing a commercial space, therefore they can pass those savings to you. Having a home based office allows technicians to also provide On Site Computer Services at your home or business. That being said you should always call in advance or use the business's appointment / ticket system to schedule an appointment as they may not be at their home office to assist you when you arrive. If you need flexibility and cannot stick to an appointment, a brick and mortar shop may be your best option.

One thing you should ask any repair business before having a repair done is their warranty. In the case of our shop, we have our Guarantee of Service right on our website. When acquiring necessary computer parts for repair, many shops will give customers the options of part sourcing and let you know whether a part is used or new, and if it includes a year or longer warranty. An example where this matters is storage drives like Hard Disk Drives or Solid State Drives. Some manufacturers provide warranties as short as 1 year whereas others may offer up to 5 years of warranty coverage. In most cases the difference in price is less than $15.00 between the two. Where it may not matter is external parts such a laptop top case (the part you lay your hands on and often has the keyboard and touchpad included) which may be obtained from the manufacturer like HP or Dell for over $100 but a gray market third party vendor on eBay may have that same part listed for $30. In either case the return period would be 30 or 60 days. When it comes down to honoring a part warranty the business has to be records of when and where the part was ordered. Keeping detailed business records allows a repair shop to be able to keep track of parts ordered and honor that warranty through the vendor they purchased it from.

Local Computer Repair Shop Offering Warranty on Parts and Services

The next think you need to ask is if the repair shop is familiar with fixing your device. What I mean by this is the type and brand of the device. Some shops simply only work on Desktop PCs or Laptops running Windows. Others focus on phone repair only. You also want to make sure the shop has the necessary training to do the repair. There are certain certifications in our industry such as CompTIA A+, Microsoft Certifications, Apple Authorized Repair. Sometimes these certifications or partnerships are worth they weight in gold and other times they hinder repair. As the owner of Bringing Your Tech to Life, I hold an A+ Certification, and found the training to be a valuable and helpful. During the time period that I received this training the certification was good for life, however it now requires a renewal which makes a lot of sense as technology is always changing. That being said I know several younger technicians who came into this field after CompTIA A+ was required to renew every three years and would trust them with my own equipment even though they haven't renewed their certification. I can't say I blame them, since the renewal cost is $239 - $699 every three years. If you own an Apple product such as an iPhone, Macbook Pro or iMac you should ask if the repair shop is familiar with working on Apple products. They are a beast of another breed and are easy to repair just like a PC once you're familiar with the software and hardware. However, you don't want to trust your expensive device to a technician who isn't familiar with Apple products. Depending on the nature of your repair it may be cheaper to go with an Apple Authorized Repair Center, unfortunately there are no repair shops in Stokes County who are Apple Authorized. But a word of caution, there are some types of repairs that it would be in your best interest to go to an unauthorized repair shop as they're not hindered by Apple's "repair ways". In many cases a shop not bound to Apple's ways will shoot you straight and let you know of an engineering flaw and what you can do to get your repair covered for as low as possible. For example issues now known #bendgate or #flexgate are often overlooked by authorized repair centers and come with a hefty price of replacing system boards or whole lid assemblies. The customer is none the wiser after paying for the repair, but once informed of the flaw they can go directly to Apple with the right information to get the repair covered for fractions of the quoted repair of the Apple Genius Bar. All in all what I am getting at here, is just asking some qualifying questions to the technician you are thinking about hiring. If they're been in the business long enough they should be able to give you some ball park ideas of what the problem could be. They should also have industry standard tools to diagnosis the problem to provide evidence of the failure. A good industry standard tool used by many professional is PC Doctor Service Center. You can visits PC Doctors website and check to see what professionals near you use these tools.

The last thing to consider is the overall cost of the repair. Some shops add additional charges to part costs as high as 20%, whereas others charge the customer the same price they paid. Some repair shops charge by an hourly rate while others charge flat rate. These are questions you should ask before scheduling your next computer repair.

Affordable Laptop Repair in Stokes County North Carolina

We hope this blog post helps you determine what options you have when choosing your next Computer or Mobile Device Repair. If you have any questions please feel to reach out directly to us at Bringing Your Tech to Life


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