Preventative Maintenance is the best solution to prevent down time.

Our electronic devices are just like the cars we drive. They require maintenance as they are used. In fact, our computers are often used (and abused) more than our vehicles. Maintenance is important if you want your devices to last.

Our Tune Up & Maintenance Service includes:

  1. Scanning for viruses and other threats

  2. Checking for proper Security Software integration

  3. Performing an Operating System Integrity check

  4. Reviewing System Event Viewer Logs

  5. Removing temporary internet files and other program clutter

  6. Installing Operating System Updates

  7. Updating Web Browsers and Browser Plugins

  8. Performing Disk Optimization

  9. Checking Internal Component Temperatures

  10. Checking for Thermal Events and Cleaning Internal Cooling Fans of dust & foreign debris

If there are issues found during the Tune Up & Maintenance, we will notify you and provide recommendations. We won’t perform any additional services without your permission.

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