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Preventative Maintenance is the best solution to prevent down time.

Our electronic devices are just like the cars we drive. They require maintenance as they are used. In fact, our computers are often used (and abused) more than our vehicles. Maintenance is important if you want your devices to last.


Our Tune Up & Maintenance Service includes:

  1. Scanning for viruses and other threats

  2. Checking for proper Security Software integration

  3. Performing an Operating System Integrity check

  4. Reviewing System Event Viewer Logs

  5. Removing temporary internet files and other program clutter

  6. Installing Operating System Updates

  7. Updating Web Browsers and Browser Plugins

  8. Performing Disk Optimization

  9. Checking Internal Component Temperatures

  10. Checking for Thermal Events and Cleaning Internal Cooling Fans of dust & foreign debris


If there are issues found during the Tune Up & Maintenance, we will notify you and provide recommendations. We won’t perform any additional services without your permission.

Tune Up & Maintenance


01 Start Up Applications.jpg


So many applications these days enable Auto-Launch, where the program immediately starts when the computer turns on. Examples include your Security Software, Printer or other Peripheral Utilities, Office Utilities (Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite) or Music Streaming Services (Spotify). This feature isn't necessarily a bad thing but if your device has to run all these programs each time the computer turns on it can cause the CPU to be slow or unresponsive for the first few minutes that your device is powered up. In addition these applications use up vital memory or RAM. It is essential for a technician to review with the customer what programs are used daily vs. what programs are used one every few weeks. If an application isn't used regularly it can be disabled to optimize your device's overall performance. 

02 Operating System Integrity.png


Operating System Updates for Windows, Mac OS and Chromium are just part of everyday computer life and are never going away. Unfortunately these updates can fail due to an incomplete download or sudden improper shutdown. When this happens the Operating System can become unstable. Other issues arise from users installing third-party utilities promising to boost computer performance. Not saying that they aren't great applications out there that can perform these tasks, but there's also a lot of tools available online that can wreck a computer by deleting or modifying the wrong files or services. When Bringing Your Tech to Life performs a Tune Up and Maintenance Service we verify that all the necessary operating system services are running correctly.

03 Manufacturer Updates.jpg


The manufacturer of your computer can vary, but no matter what logo exists on your device's hardware, you can rest assured that they have released updates to insure your software and hardware continues to run smoothly and securely. Updates may include Drivers, BIOS, Firmware and Support Software. Many manufacturers have built in tools that check for updates and prompt the user to install them. However some updates are not pushed to the user if the support software was not setup correctly when the device was initially configured. 

04 Third Party Software Updates.jpg


Software not developed my the Operating System Developer or the Manufacturer of the Device would be considered third party. Every single user has third party software installed on the computer. Common applications include Internet Browsers (Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome), productivity tools (Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Data Backup Utilities), game engines (Steam, Origin) and financial software (QuickBooks, Peach Tree). These applications should always be checked for available updates as they often resolve security exploits or add new features. Bringing Your Tech to Life will run a report of any outdates software, perform updates were possible and notify you if an application installed as reached End of Life and a new version should be purchased. 

05 Driver Updates.jpg


Drivers are small pieces of software that tell the Operating System how to use a piece of hardware. Often times drivers need to be updated to to be compatible with new versions of Operating Systems or to resolve issues where the device may freeze or crash. Typically speaking drivers should only be updated if there is an issue with the computer or the manufacturer has provided an update for security reasons. Updating drivers can become a little more complex with devices that are more than three or four years old as the manufacturer has no incentive to release an update as the device is likely outside of any warranty period. When this arises technicians have to do more digging and reach out to the hardware component developer for an update.   

06 Temporary Files and Clutter Cleanup.j


Temporary Files included previous Operating System Updates that have already been installed, temporary files created for installing a program update, cached Internet Pages, cookies and more. System Clutter doesn't necessarily effect device performance on Hard Disk Drives unless your HDD has less than 15% free space and is unable to perform a Disk Defragment Service. Regarding performance with Solid State Drive 

07 Scanning Computer System.jpg


We're not saying your computer is a crime scene, but computer security experts often operate in the same manner as a detective on scene. We're trained to look for evidence of malicious attackers at play or remnants of bad attackers who left some evidence behind. A good technician is also going to check your digital footprint and let you know if you're only identity has been compromised due to a weak password or, if you're like most people, using the same password across multiple platforms and now you need to change all your passwords because one company was breached. 

08 Physical Cleaning Your Computer.jpg


In addition to removing filthy software bugs from inside your computer, we also perform a physical cleaning on the outside of your device using 99% isopropyl alcohol. This removes bacteria, food particles and other "unknown gunk" from the areas of the device that are often handled like the keyboard, touchpad or screen. Sure this dirt build up doesn't effect your devices performance but it does make it look like a new machine when you get it back... and who doesn't appreciate something that looks new a shiny! 

09 Computer Overheating Thermal Service.


One type of "unknown gunk" that does effect performance is dust. When we perform a Tune Up and Maintenance on your computer we also clean the system cooling fan and heatsink; removing any dust or other foreign debris that prevents hot air from being exhausted from your system. When systems get hot they will perform a self protection process called thermal throttling which decreases the amount of voltage sent to the CPU. The problem with thermal throttling is it decreases the clock speed of the CPU taking the computer longer to do the same task. Think of voltage as calories in food... if a runner is used to cramming down 4,000 calories before a race and now has to run the same race with half the calories they will likely pass out before crossing the finish line. 


11 Scheduled Maintenance.jpg
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