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Customer Focused Electronics Repair

We pride ourselves in our honesty, quality and customer service. We understand how important your device is to your daily life and want to provide the best possible solution to you.

Hours Built for Your Convenience


We offer extended hours from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM allowing us to be flexible with your schedule for Drop Off and Pickup Up. Whether you need to schedule service during a lunch break, before your kids get off the bus, after work, or before soccer tryouts. It is not easy to plan or schedule for a tech issue, let's face it disaster strikes at the worst time. Bringing Your Tech to Life is here to remove the headache of repair. You can submit a repair ticket 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. A technician will reply via e-mail with our estimate based upon the information you provide. Our Free and No Obligation Estimate will provide you with an idea of repair cost so you can decide if you want a Diagnostic performed. 

Computer and Mobile Flat Rate Diagnostics 


We provide thorough Diagnostics to uncover any potential issues with your device. No one enjoys making repeat visits to any repair business so we ensure all issues are uncovered. Computer Shops providing Free Diagnostics often overlook hardware or software issues because they rely on gut instinct instead of detailed visual checks and the use of diagnostic tools. What makes our shop different is if you decide to have repairs performed the Diagnostic Fee is waived. You will receive a detailed diagnostic service report providing the exact flat fee for your repair. If there are things that could be done to improve performance, we'll let you know, but they're never required. Most importantly, if parts are required, we provide links to available sources, allowing you decide what option best fits your wallet. 

Is there a guarantee?


Yes we stand behind our work, in fact our warranty and service guarantee is right on our website. You will receive a 30 day minimum warranty on all repairs. Many of our vendors offer long term warranties on parts which we extend to you. For example, if we replace the screen in your laptop and it develops lines nine months later due to a defect we'll not only process the return on the screen for you, but we'll replace it at no additional cost on labor. 


Get started by providing your contact information and information about your device to receive a quote or to schedule service.

Thanks for submitting! We'll be in contact as soon as possible.


We offer 3 Levels of Computer Service:

Drop Off, Pickup and Delivery and Onsite Service with drop off being the lowest cost and on site being the highest. We offer these three service levels so people can choose the level of service they require and fits their budget. The one exception is we usually do NOT do hardware repairs on-site except in rare cases. Hardware repairs need to be performed at our shop with electro-static mats, soldering stations, magnification and proper lighting, and other specialized equipment present.

Our Computer Repair Shop is located on Ralph Boyles Road in King, NC. We are NOT ALWAYS there as we provide On Site Services, so it’s best to call first. Our drop off service is by appointment. Give us a call or submit a ticket to setup an appoint. You can call us anytime to talk about your computer repair, laptop repair or computer service issue. If you would like to call for an initial consultation, we might be able to give you some sort of idea of what your options are on the phone. Sometimes, full diagnostics are required to determine what is wrong with a computer and give an idea of what it might cost to do a repair. Sometimes it is necessary to actually take a machine apart to get an idea of what is wrong. In this instance you will have to leave your computer or call in a pick-up. One of our professional technicians will pick your machine up and give you a signed pick-up receipt. We will call you and give you an estimate before we begin any repair.

Computer Repair Services List

Computer Virus Removal, Computer Sales, Password Removal, New Computer Sales, Computer Upgrades, Wireless Connections, New Computer Set-Up, DC Jack Repair, Used Computer Sales, Refurbished Computer Sales, Business Computer Sales, Computer Charging Port Repair, Motherboard Repair, Server Repair, File Server Installation, Server Configuration, Motherboard Replacement, Business Computer Service,  File Server Service, Virus Removal, Anti-virus Software, Computer Security Analysis, Computer Network Installation, Computer Performance Evaluation and Optimization, Wireless Network Troubleshooting, Computer Software Installation, PC Hook-up, Computer Training, Microsoft Office Training, Internet Search Training, PC Maintenance, Data Transfer, Data Back-up, Data Recovery, Computer Updates, Software Updates, Windows Upgrades, Laptop Screen Repair, RAM Upgrades, Printer Hook-up, Virus Protection, Software Installation, Email Set-up, Malware (Spyware, Adware, Trojans, etc.) Removal, Laptop Screen Panels, Laptop Spill Damage Repair, Laptop Fans Repair, New Keyboards, Laptop Hinge Repair, Computer Data Transfer, Flash Drive Data Recovery, Computer Power Supply Replacement, Computer Diagnostics, Hard-Drive Upgrades, Computer Tune-ups, Wireless Access Points Installation, Wireless Extender Installation, Server Repair, Custom Software, Mobile Apps and Much More.

5 Computer Services You May Need:

  1. Old Computer Pick Up and Recycling: Do you have a closet full or basement full of computers you don’t know what to do with? You’re not alone! If you recycle it, rather than throw it away your computer might end up in a school or at another worthwhile organization. You can get a tax write-off and help your community. Bringing Your Tech to Life can help with removing your data from your computer prior to donation.

  2. Data Destruction: Are you afraid to donate your old computers because you want your data to be protected? Good thinking! We follow a strict Data Destruction and Sanitization Policy Protocols when handling your old equipment and can make sure your data is gone permanently so you can donate your old computers and still sleep well at night. If you’d rather have your storage drive returned to you, we can perform that task as well. Protecting your identity and your important sensitive information is our specialty and primary concern. Before you sell, give, or throw away a computer, consider using this service.

  3. Tune Up: Just like your car, your computer needs a tune up every once in a while, too. A Computer’s biggest enemy is heat and when air cooled devices have their fans bogged down with dust or other foreign debris it can cause the system to run above optimal temperatures. Desktop PCs, Laptop Computers and Macs accumulate software errors, the hard drive becomes fragmented, junk files accumulate, programs become outdated, bad utilities and toolbars get installed by accidents and the list goes on and on. A reputable computer repair shop can identify these issues and prevent significant problems down the road. We recommend an annual tune-up and maintenance service for most devices.

  4. Virus Removal or Malware Removal: Nearly everyone has had a computer virus at some point. Some viruses are merely annoying; others can render your computer inoperable. While anti-virus programs can detect and prevent many viruses, the newest viruses often aren’t detected by anti-virus suites. Unfortunately, many viruses work behind the scenes and slowly disrupting your computer without you even knowing you have them on your machine. Up to 30% computers have a virus and the user doesn’t know about it. It’s a good idea to get a virus check with your annual computer tune-up.

  5. New Computer Set Up: Computers continue to grow in power and capability each year, but the documentation that accompanies new computers seems to grow smaller and smaller. We can come to your location and unbox and set up your new computer or laptop. We can remove bloatware (free trials) transfer your files and software, optimize your computer or laptop settings, set up your printer and provide some training on your new machine.

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