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We guarantee the work we do.  Not only do we go above and beyond to get your problems solved, we will be there if you have issues after we leave or once you pickup your device.  We have a minimum 90 day warranty on all services we complete.  If you are not completely satisfied we will do whatever we can to fix the problem and we’ll do it as fast as possible.

By using reputable distributors we can provide exceptional warranty on parts used for repair. If your part(s) fails during the warranty period we can lookup your invoice and process the claim on your behalf. Remember we're on your team and our goal is to support you! When choosing parts we always place the choice in your hands and provide our opinion. We understand some parts can be expensive. If you choose to order a part from a third party to save some extra $$$ we understand that. You can also rest assured that you'll pay a fair price for all parts, equipment and supplies. Unlike some of our competitors who mark up inventory as much as 20% you pay the same price we paid to recoup our cost. You're paying for our knowledge and skillset, not for knowing what part(s) you need.

If you do run into an issue we have several ways to further assist you if you have problems.  We can follow up with you in the shop, by a remote support connection or by a follow-up on-site appointment if necessary.


We repair technicians must follow a code of ethics. These statements define how we run our business. We promise to always observe the following:


Honesty in Business

I am honest in business dealings. My contracts, invoices, bills, statements of work, and all other business documents are accurate and honest.


Integrity in Advertising

Advertising for my company and services does not stretch the truth or misrepresent reality.


Privacy with Client Data

All private information that my clients share with me is confidential. All data on the software/hardware I work with is kept confidential. When I refurbish or recycle hardware, all user data is removed according to data security best practices.


Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

All e-waste generated by my business is recycled responsibly and in accordance with all federal, state and local laws.


Respect for the Law

I abide by all local, regional, and national laws dealing with my business, employees, taxes, e-waste, and software licensing.

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