Unknown Issues Related to Hardware or Software?

A Diagnostic Service is typically where most devices start at a repair shop. An experienced Technician should be able to listen to the problems a client is having and have a good idea what the problem is, usually after asking some follow up questions. Nevertheless, underlying issues can exist that an end user may believe to be irrelevant that could, down the road cause the repairs performed to be voided. This is why a thorough Diagnostic of both Hardware and Software is critical. 

Bringing Your Tech to Life provides a full diagnostic service to our clients for a flat fee at our shop. That Diagnostic Fee is applied to the required repairs if performed. If the cost of repair is beyond what the value of the device would be, we'll tell you. Our goal is to give you the facts you need to make an informed financial decision. 



Computer No Power


I hit the button and nothing happened! A sign of "No Power" includes problems like no screen output, no indicator lights, no fan spin or no audible beeps.

Computer No Boot


Help…My Computer Won't Boot! Windows OS hanging with a spinning circle, Mac OS chimes but sticks on the Apple Logo or the Manufacturer Logo appears and goes no further are all signs of Operating System problems.

Computer System Crash


My system randomly freezes and reboots in the middle of my work! Blue Screens and Kernel Panics are one of the most frustrating issue a user can face. Issue could be a faulty storage drive or a failing memory. It could also be something less severe like an incompatible software driver.

Computer Application Crashes


I just lost 20 pages that I typed for my term paper and its due Monday! During normal use your desired application freezes or closes unexpectedly. Microsoft Office, Google Chrome, Quick Books, Adobe Creative Suite are notorious for abrupt crashes due to either hardware or software issues.

Computer No Sound


My computer works but I can't hear any audio! The first step is to make sure your speakers are connected and turned up. If your speakers are internal you may be able to check audio settings with headphones. In most cases the issue is software related but on occasion internal speakers may need to be replaced.

Computer No Video


My computer has a black screen! If you're seeing indicator lights on your Desktop or Laptop and hearing fans spin up you may have a Video Display or GPU issue. Simple issues like loose connections could be the culprit or more severe issues like liquid damage may be present.

Computer No Network


I can't connect to the Internet? The first step anyone should take is powercycling their Internet Service Provider (ISP) equipment including their Modem and Router. If other devices have Internet Access the issue is likely a LAN or Wireless Card problems. There are also network settings on a software level that may be damaged.

Computer Liquid Damage


My device took a swim! If your electronic device has been in contact with liquid of any kind the best step is to power the device off and if possible remove the battery. The sooner your device can be reviewed by a technician the better your device repair outcome will be. Liquid damage can cause short circuits, damaged components and even fires.

Computer Slow System


My machine is soooo slow! Our electronic devices are just like our cars and need tune ups and regular maintenance. In most cases a Tune Up Service is all your device may need. However the a Diagnostic Service will check all your hardware using industry standard utilities to make sure nothing more severe is going on.