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Bix Box Stores for Laptop Repair | 9 Reasons to reconsider

Does Best Buy repair laptops? They do their best. Maybe you’re looking into Staples laptop repair prices in lieu of the famous (and sometimes notorious) Geek Squad. Does Office Depot seem like a good fit even though they're new to the game? Before you invest in either of these store’s laptop repair services read this blog first.

Best Buy Geek Squad
Office Depot Tech Depot
Staples Easy Tech

When it comes to big box stores, maybe it’s time to think outside the box.

We want you to make an educated decision about getting a computer repaired. There is a lot to be said for brand recognition, a lot of people think about Staples Easy Tech or Best Buy Geek Squad for tech support, data backups and protection plans. Others think of Office Depot Tech Support since they replaced the Staples Store many of our customers used in the northern part of Winston Salem. We’d like you to take a look at our record first. Read about getting your tech services at Bringing Your Tech to Life, a smaller shop, and compare that to the big guys.

Here are nine reasons why we believe you should reconsider big, corporate tech repair solutions like Best Buy Geek Squad, Office Depot Tech Support and Staples Easy Tech.

1. There’s a strong chance they can’t solve your problem:

The Geek Squad is good for some things, like home theater installation or on-site TV wall mounting. But when it comes to computer repair – it’s not their “bread-and-butter” service. Many basic repairs require being mailed across the country to a centralized repair depot at this store, while the same type of repairs would be able to repaired the same day at a smaller local shop.

The Geek Squad also doesn’t have the same level of repair capabilities as many local shops. Even more evident is Staples Easy Tech, which the owner of Bringing Your Tech to Life knows first hand since he lead the Easy Tech Department at Staples for over five years. Local Computer Repair Businesses offer a wider range of repairs and have more knowledge in the field since it is their primary business model. Here’s a few differences:

· “No sorry, we cannot recover your data” vs. “We were able to save all your photos!”

· “The entire motherboard needs to be replaced” vs. “Sure, we’ll just solder on a new power jack”

· “Did you bring your Windows Installation CDs from when you bought the computer” vs. “Sure, we can reinstall Windows for you and use your existing product key to activate it.”

Best Buy employees are usually pretty nice, so you’ll hear a lot of “I’m sorry we can’t help you with that” or “I’m sorry, this will need to be mailed out and will take 3-4 weeks.” But we’re nice too, and with us (or shops like us) you’ll hear a lot of “Sure, we can have that done in 48 hours!”

Specialized Computer Repair at Staples Easy Tech and Best Buy Geek Square - Think Again
Choose a Local Computer Repair Shop over a Big Box Store

2. Sympathetic Laptop Services Versus Laptop Repair Upsells:

So, your laptop broke. Before you look into big box store computer repair prices, think about the type of service you want. We love everything tech at BYT2L so we understand how important your repair is to you. We listen closely to your problem and you can rest assured your device is in good hands.

Meanwhile, one of the trademarks of Best Buy and big stores like Staples or Office Depot is total tech support – but that may not mean much. When you choose the big box store approach of services, you’re dealing with a huge corporation that is focused more on making money than pleasing the customer. This means up-selling products that you may not necessarily need; increasing the cost of the repair. This tactic is called the market basket approach. Don't believe me? Let me ask you this; when was the last time one of these big box stores suggested a free or open source software to perform a task? Remember they want you in and out of the store, but not before having spent a significant amount of money.

3. Be a Big Fish in a Small Pond with BYT2L vs. Navigating Choppy Waters with the Big Guys:

We aren’t afraid to get personal with our customers at BYT2L. In fact, that’s one of the reasons why you’ll find happy testimonials of our computer repairs services us all over the internet. Say you are having problems with the screen on your laptop. If you’ve been to us before, we’ll likely remember you and your device, allowing us to fix your problem more efficiently.

Say you pursue the big corporation route and look into Best Buy laptop screen repair or Staples Laptop screen repair. They will need to ship your device to a Depot Service for repair increasing your overall cost and a delay in your device being returned to you.

You can call our store and connect to an expert tech. Meanwhile, companies like Best Buy look overseas for call center help. And you can be sure that you’re not going to get a personalized experience from someone across the world you’ve never met nor with one who’s second language is English.

Big Box Store Call Centers

4. Obtain Recommendations and Advice Based on Expertise:

Of course, we offer warranties, they’re included not an add-on. But rather than simply offering you a Protection Plan to handle your problems, we can offer advice and recommendations based on our experience. In fact, we provide advice in our service reports all the time, at no charge! Our goal is to impower you with the right resources to make an informed decision so you can stay ahead of the problem, not to show case a new product for you to spend money on if it doesn’t fit your needs.

Here’s the issue with the Big Box Store Protection Plan:

· Repairs aren’t always performed by Geek Squad agents experienced enough to really fix the issue. Computer Repair shouldn’t be a band-aid approach.

· Secondly have you read the fine print of those Protection Plans? You’ll find that the things most likely to happen to your device are rarely covered.

· Protection Plans and Extended Warranties are written in a manner to generate revenue for the company selling them. In most cases you will find that your protection period expired right before your problem occurred.

·Lastly that protection plan doesn't have much value when you have a simple question with an even simpler solution but have to be transferred to four different tiers of support to get the answer.

5. Cross trained employees at BYT2L Versus A Rag-Tag Team:

When we say a rag-tag team, we aren’t putting down the employees at Staples or Best Buy. We’re simply saying that each employee at these places is an expert at their position only. Customer service employees only know customer service skills. Cashiers can’t be expected to know the specs of the laptop you’re interested in buying, nor is the electronics salesman going to know the ins and outs of the repair you are trying to get done. Conversely, at BYT2L, we’re experts in everything we do. We understand how to provide great customer service, how to repair many devices from the smallest cell phones to that large server rack in your business. More importantly how to keep track of your order and keep you updated.

6. Be Kept in the Loop at BYT2L or Go on a Quest for Information:

At BYT2L, we keep our customers updated with e-mails, text messages, phone calls. When you choose Best Buy, Office Depot or Staples computer repair, you may find that because of the sheer volume of repairs, you could get lost in a stack of paperwork. You might get caught in a situation where you are contacting customer service and the store at the same time, getting sent from one line to the next. Sure this option may be great if you like hold music, but in all the years we’ve been providing repair we’ve never had a customer say “we love being on hold listening to elevator music”.

On Hold Phone Call

7. A Completely Available Team at BYT2L or a Barely Available Team:

Availability of support at big stores like Geek Squad or Easy Tech is not always…available.

Many places like to book appointments too short to deal with your issue because they are so concerned with getting customers in and out. Speaking to a supervisor is next to impossible.

Take Best Buy laptop repair for instance: you may be put on hold at the calling center, who finally informs you to drop by the shop, which tells you to call the Geek Squad, where you are put on hold again, etc., etc. Unlike the big box stores, if our store is open, we are available. We’re more than happy to offer you the support and information you need because we value your business.

8. A Smaller Store Grateful for Your Business or Customer Loyalty Thanked by Apathy:

When you seek out a big corporation for repair, you may find that there is zero accountability. Remember that game “telephone” you used to play with your friends in grade school? Seeking out repairs from a business giant is much like playing this game. You give your information to one employee, who may or may not actually take the time to understand your problem, which gets sent to a middle man, and finally to the repair tech. No wonder your repairs aren’t successful if there is no accountability and the problem cannot be possibly be pegged to one employee! As a smaller store, we not only take pride in every customer that walks out of our store happy, but we realize we are more accountable. We are not a nameless, faceless organization that is apathetic in the face of your problems, we’re your neighbors, community members, and we’d like to be your go-to tech support shop.

Great Customer Service Leads to Happy Customers

9. Smaller Store, Smaller Prices or Larger Store, Longer Wait Time:

Generally speaking, Bringing Your Tech to Life is almost always cheaper than Best Buy, and those times when we do charge the same amount, we are nearly always faster in service.

If you are willing to hold off getting that Office Depot, Staples or Best Buy laptop repair and touch base with us instead, we’d love to show you the difference between our service and theirs. Not only do we love what we do, but we realize that a happy customer means repeat business, and recommendations to friends and family. Your business matters to us. It matters because technology is the name of our game, and we have a personal interest in fixing your devices after closely listening to your problem and offering expert advice. For more information about our services, please contact us through our web page for a quote, give us a phone call to tell us about your problem, or schedule a drop off by the store.


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