Computer Repair & Services


Below is a list of common services and pricing we offer. If there is a service you believe you need but nothing matches, please give us a call. In most cases we can offer a solution. No job is to big or to small. We strive to make the headache of technology go away for good.

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Using the industry standard tool PC Doctor Service Center 9.0 we can determine what hardware is failing in the system, thus causing shut downs, blue screens or system freezes. A detailed service ticket will be provided and if repairs are desired the Diagnostic Fee goes toward the repair.

Remote Session

Not every computer problem needs a trip to the computer shop. The next time computer bugs are bugging you, try our live remote support. We'll connect to your computer over the internet and with your permission, we'll share control of your computer screen. Watch as we work the magic and get your computer working again!

Data Recovery

Hard drive crashes can come suddenly and without warning. You may turn on your computer one day and receive an "Operating System not Found", "Inaccessible Boot Disk", or similar error. Data Recovery Labs charge steep fees typically starting at $1,500 and upwards. In some cases physical drive damage requires these services. If this is the case we can act as your representative. However, in most cases these errors are often related to logical errors, where using sophisticated software analysis tools your valuable data can be saved! We can also recover accidental or maliciously deleted files. This also includes recovering files from CryptoWall variants! Not sure what happened or when it happened? Just tell us everything you know and we'll give you our honest opinion as to whether the data can be recovered.

Password Reset

Everything has a password or security code these days! With so many to remember it's no wonder that people occasionally forget their Windows logon password or the password they set for their Outlook e-mail a year ago. Luckily these passwords are easy to recover or reset in most instances. Whether you're locked out of Windows, forgot the password to your Excel or Word document, or need to recover a starred password (disguised by *****) stored in Internet Explorer or some other program, chances are we can help you. We may also be able to recover passwords for other types of programs and files; ask us and we'll let you know. 

Screen Repair

Most broken LCD screens can be replaced for a fraction of the cost of replacing the computer.   The average cost for a standard Laptop LCD replacement is $135

If you can provide the Make, Model and Serial Number we can give you an idea of what the Computer Manufacturer charges for the part. However after removing the screen and obtaining the part number we are able to get the screen for less by going directly to the screen manufacturer. 

If you need to access your computer temporarily to retrieve files or finish that document before deadline, remember you can usually connect a TV or Computer Monitor to the laptop with a HDMI or VGA Cable.

So before you discard your Laptop submit a ticket for a free estimate before you replace.

Battery Replacement

Over time lithium-ion batteries weaken as cells degrade. As this occurs battery life simply decreases. When your battery no longer meets your mobility needs give us a call. We can replace your battery and have your device back up and running. What's the point of having a laptop or tablet if it has to be plugged in all the time? 

SSD Upgrade

Does your computer boot up slowly? Does it take a long time to open applications? A simple swap from your standard Hard Disk Drive to a Solid State Drive could make your machine up to five or ten times faster. In addition SSDs use less power which extends battery life, have no moving parts and are resilient to damage from drops or other vibrations and generate less heat. 

Cloud Solutions

What is the cloud? Well its a file system available to any device connected to the Internet. Whether the file system is managed by Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon or even YOU. If you have files that you need to access from multiple devices we can assist you with choosing the right solutions that are compatible with all your devices. Do you want to insure your files are protected against catastrophic loss such as fire, theft or natural disaster? Storing your files to an offsite location may be your best option. Don't trust "Company XYZ" to manage and protect your data? We can set you up with your own personal cloud kept onsite in your location. If you do trust "Company XYZ" to manage your data but you want to make sure the service is as secure as possible with two factor authentication we can help with that too.

Network Setup

So many devices reach their maximum potential by connecting them to the internet. It seems everything these days is "smart". But when all these devices begin hogging critical wireless bandwidth it is important to know what options are available to make your network, and your devices work flawlessly. However, we don't just stop at getting your network working, we also make sure it is secure. Too many consumers don't realize how easily accessible their data is to hackers. Remember most security breaches don't happen from a non-descript windowless van parked across the street...

Operating System Upgrade

Are you running outdated software? You may be aware of the compatibility issues but do you know the security risks? If you are running versions of Microsoft Windows prior to Windows 7 or Apple versions of OSX prior to Yosemite then your system is at risk!  There have been many improvements in functionality, security, and user interface in on both Operating System platforms. Plus all systems upgraded receive over 1 Hour of Tutorial Videos so you can be up and running fast. Let us be in your corner to make sure your transition is smooth and flawless. 

Tune Up & Maintenance

Our electronic devices are just like the cars we drive. They require maintenance as they are used. In fact, our computers are often used (and abused) more than our vehicles. Maintenance is important if you want your devices to last.


Our Tune Up & Maintenance Service includes:

  1. Scanning for viruses and other threats

  2. Checking for proper Security Software integration

  3. Performing an Operating System Integrity check

  4. Reviewing System Event Viewer Logs

  5. Removing temporary internet files and other program clutter

  6. Installing Operating System Updates

  7. Updating Web Browsers and Browser Plugins

  8. Performing Disk Optimization

  9. Checking Internal Component Temperatures

  10. Cleaning Internal Cooling Fans of dust & foreign debris


If there are issues found during the Tune Up & Maintenance, we will notify you and provide recommendations. We won’t perform any additional services without your permission.

Software Install

Want to use your computer, phone or tablet to accomplish a specific task but don't know what Software to use or maybe purchase? We can help answer questions, give advice and provide you the right tools to get the job done. We will install the required software, register it with the developers and install updates.Software titled commonly requested include Anti Virus Software like Bit Defender, Avast, Kaspersky, Panda, Norton or McAfee; Office Suites like Microsoft Office 365 or Office 2016/Office 2019 or open source applications like LibreOffice; Financial Software like QuickBooks, Quicken or Peach Tree; or Multi-Media Applications like iTunes or Spotify. If a tutorial is needed on how to use the software, well we can do that too! 

Data Backup

No one plans on losing their data, but just about everyone does at one time or another if you wait long enough. Take preventative action! We can assist with local backups including External Hard Disk Drives or Network Access Systems. Even better, we've partnered with Carbonite to ensure that even if your entire home is sucked into the Bermuda Triangle your valuable information is stored on secure servers that follow even the strictest security measure, even HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) approved.

Charging Port Repairs

Does your device no longer charge or even power on? It could be a bad AC Adapter or a Damage Port. Before you chuck your device in the garbage have us take a look. Charge Port Repairs are often very inexpensive. 

Parental Controls

Modern kids have never known a time when they couldn't connect to the entire world via the internet. In fact, they probably spend more time online than anyone else in the family. Let's face it, as a parent there are things online that we don't necessarily want our kids seeing. Furthermore, with the ever increasing number of devices that kids use to connect, you simply can't supervise every moment they're online on your own. That's where parental control services can help. Parental controls can often be tricky because there are so many types and some types work better than others for certain situations. Let us walk you through the options, get it set up and show you how to manage it. 

Component Install

Do you have a new piece of hardware that needs to be installed? Maybe an upgrade to make your device FASTER! We'll install it and make sure it works right from the beginning. We'll even register the manufacturer's warranty so you don't have to worry with it. Common types of upgrades include RAM, Graphics Cards, Card Readers, Solid State Drives or Hard Disk Drives.


When you're considering a technology update and you want to make sure you're heading in the right direction, call someone who can provide direction! We'll come to your home or business and give you expert, personalized recommendations to make technology work for you! We can provide the products that will work best and often times provided products you didn't think about using or even knew existed. 

If you'd like to take the back seat approach we can even to the installs and upgrades for you. 

Malicious Content Removal

We use multiple Security Tools to identify, isolate and remove infections. With today's current threats the "scan, remove, and reboot" method of many PC Repair Shops just isn't enough. We not only remove the infection but repair the damage caused by malware, viruses and rootkits to prevent reinfection in the future. After the system has been cleaned and repaired we will install a security suite to protect your system in the future.

Wireless Printing

Have you ever wished you could share a centrally located printer between several devices on a network? Ever wanted to print something from your phone or tablet, even when you were away from home or out of the office? With a wireless print server or WiFi enabled printer you can do just that. In addition to wireless print servers there are other wireless options such as Bluetooth, or NFC, however these solutions have much more limited range than 802.11G/N wireless options. No matter your needs, we can fix you up!

Touch Screen & Digtizer Repair

Did your smart phone or tablet take a fall? Hopefully, it was safely housed within a durable and protective case. If not you device may have a cracked or broken screen. 


No worry that broken screen and digitizer can be removed and replaced. Simply provide us the make and model and we'll order the replacement parts and have them installed same day once parts have arrived. Devices include Samsung, HTC, Google and LG as well as Apple iPhone. No matter the model we've got you covered.

Custom Built Machines

Do you have specific needs from your computer that can't be accomplished from a standard computer manufacturer? Are you a gamer who requires the best equipment available, wanting to run the latest ATI or NVIDIA GPU? No matter what your needs are we can build it. 

Security & Monitoring

Do you want to keep an extra eye on your home or business? Security Cameras allows all owners to have a great deterrent from theft, vandalism, or lawsuits. We install security cameras systems that offer local recording as well as remote viewing. We provide an onsite visit to narrow down points of entry and vulnerabilities, then prepare a detailed plan of equipment and services required. We install ALL brands of security camera systems but you may want to get our advise before purchasing. 

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