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We Fix All Things Tech at and Affordable Price

There's a lot of devices out there! It doesn't matter what brand they are, they will eventually break. Unfortunately there and many repair shops that only specialize in a one or two brands or device niches. If your problem isn't something they specialize in they usually say "sorry we don't fix those" and hang up the phone. This is not the case for Bringing Your Tech to Life. We've had clients bring us all sorts of devices through the years. We've repaired some weird stuff for being primarily a computer repair and service business, including a vacuum cleaner motor circuit, sound amplifier, children's toys, and appliance circuit boards. In the event that we can't repair your device in house, we can get you in touch with a reputable company that can and if you'd like, we'll act on your behalf every step of the way. The Right to Repair Movement is a resourceful group of individuals and when your welling to get involved you begin to build relationships with businesses and organizations across the United States and the World. We don't claim to know everything about repair, its almost impossible with the number of devices that emerge each year. But what we can promise is that we will continue to learn and providing to our clients the services they deserve.  

Many clients have come to us after leaving another computer repair shop disappointed in the high cost of repair to replace a motherboard. They come to us for a second opinion and we verify their board is in fact faulty, the difference is we have partners that perform board level repairs for a fraction of what a system board replacement may be. The goal of of any reputable repair shop should always be to provide the most economical options to the customer, even if it means sending that business elsewhere. 

Obviously our specialty at Bringing Your Tech to Life is computer and mobile device repair. If you have an HP Laptop, a Dell Desktop, Apple Macbook, Asus Tablet or a Samsung Smart Phone we can get you taken care of. For a list of services and devices we commonly repair click the button below to learn more. If you're ready to get started with your repair submit a ticket for a non obligation quote.

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