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Outstanding Computer Diagnosis & Repair Services

Your laptop is important in your day to day life, and we get that. No matter what the brand may be we can source the required parts and get it repaired. 

We offer a fast turnaround time; we boast flexible appointment times that will work with your schedule; we offer high quality repair solutions; and we are very experienced. In addition to all of these things, we offer great customer service. It is no wonder that locals choose to come to us for trusted assistance.

Whether you have an Apple Macbook, Acer, Asus, Dell, Gateway, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, or anything else, we can assure you that we can fix any problems that arise.

  • Toshiba with a cracked screen? We can fix it.

  • MacBook that overheats? We’ll get it to “cool down.”

  • Let us know what the issue is, or come in for hardware / software diagnostic check.

microsoft windows 10 laptop
Laptop Hinge Repair


Did your laptop take a nasty fall? Are the hinges exposed or the frame cracking? These repairs are often easier to fix as soon as symptoms appear. Overtime the flexing of the case will cause the screen to crack adding more expense to the repair.

Laptop Liquid Damage


Did your device take a plunge with the fishes? Maybe a splash of Wine or Mountain Dew? If so immediately power off your device and get your device serviced. The longer the electronic components inside are exposed to liquid the worse the corrosion will get. In most cases a keyboard replacement and motherboard repair is all that is required.

Laptop Battery Replacement


If your device is no longer holding a charge it may be time for a battery replacement. Many manufacturers are hiding batteries from consumers to prevent you from making this inexpensive repair. Let's face it the manufacturers make more money when you replace it rather than repair it. Lithium Ion batteries have a charge cycle life and will eventually needed to be replaced with a new one and the old recycled.

Laptop Screen Replacement


Accidents happen, we get it. Laptop was knocked off the kitchen table by the dog or you closed the lid without realizing you left a pencil on the keyboard. Screen replacement is a quick and painless repair which can often be done same day assuming the part is in stock. If we don't have the part we can order it and have it installed as soon as it arrives.

Laptop Virus Removal


It’s no fun when your laptop ends up with a virus. These little bugs can cause system sluggishness, pop ups, steal personal information and more. We offer virus removal on all types of devices including Windows, Macs and Chromebooks. We’ll make sure that the infections are removed and any damage they may have done is repaired, so that you can enjoy your device once more.

Laptop Motherboard Replacement


If your laptop powers on but you hear a series of beeps or see a series of blinking light your motherboard may be damaged. In some instances the motherboard may need to be replaced while in other cases it can be repaired on our bench or by one of our partners.

Laptop Keyboard Replacement


Is your laptop’s keyboard failing to work? When you press buttons, do they not work some of the time or all of the time? Liquid or other foreign debris can get under the keys and cause them to stick or just malfunction altogether.

Laptop DC Jack Repair


Is your laptop unable to power on due to a dead battery and your charger does seem to work? Bring in your device and the charger. We'll use a multi-meter to check the charger and if its the culprit we'll order you a new one. If you have to hold the charger "just right" your DC Jack is likely loose from the circuit board inside the machine. In most cases we can repair the DC Jack with our hot air re-flow station and / or soldering iron.

Laptop Touchpad Replacement


Touch Pad not working? It may be disabled or it might just be broke. If it is damaged, liquid is likely the culprit. However we have seen where improper drivers can cause the Touch Pad to stop working all to together or prevent advanced features like swipe or zoom to no longer work.

Laptop Storage Drive Replacement


Are you hearing a clicking noise from your Hard Disk Drive? Does you computer fail to boot into the Operating System? Your Storage Drive may be the culprit. A full diagnostic can reveal the status of your drive whether it is a Hard Disk Drive or Solid State Drive. Depending on the state of the drive we may be able to perform a Data Transfer to another drive before it's too late. If not we can take care of you with our Data Recovery options. No matter the status of your data we can at least get the drive replaced and have your laptop back up and running.

Laptop Overheating


Another common issue we see with laptops is overheating. Our laptops go everywhere with us... this means the cooling fan is likely filled with the same dust, pet hair or food crumbs. However those food crumbs don't act as a flavor savor like that beard you've been growing since November. In fact these foreign items act like an insulator and prevent your laptop from air cooling as designed. Your laptop may need a physical cleaning, new thermal compound or a replacement fan.

Laptop RAM Upgrade


If you're finding yourself frustrated when your laptop bogs under heavy work loads you may need more RAM. If you have multiple browser tabs open, a word document being edited and streaming music at the same time you would be defined as "the multitasker". Increasing the computer memory or RAM will allow you to switch between open windows more efficiently. Depending on your laptop model will determine how much RAM can be added and what the max bandwidth or speed is compatible.

Laptop Storage Drive Upgrade


Is your internal storage drive full? Storage Drives come in many different physical form factor sizes as well as logical storage space, measured in gigabytes or terabytes. Let use provide you the options that best fit your needs today and down the road.

Laptop Power Cord Replacement


Is your laptop no longer charging or powering on? It may be a battery or DC Jack, but it could also be a faulty power cord or AC Adapter. We can test your AC Adapter with a multi-meter. If required we can provide you a price for a replacement. We always recommend O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacture) parts, especially when it comes to proving power to your device. However, if and when an O.E.M. part isn't available we can provide a reputable third party power cord that has the correct voltage, wattage and amperage for your device.

Laptop Operating System Repair


Is your laptop no longer booting correctly? Maybe your plagued with kernel panics or "blue screens of death"... no matter the case we can repair operating system corruption.

Laptop Micro-Soldering Repair


If your system board has extensive corrosion and the storage drive is soldered to the board your best option is micro-soldering repair. This process is outsourced to one of our partners. This is a preferred method of repair for many Apple products which prevents data loss in the event that your do not have a current backup in place.


Renee A Labrenz.png
Renee A Labrenz

My MacBook was in serious trouble.  A friend  told me to go to Paul who could fix just about any pc.  Wow!  Was he right!  Paul was knowledgeable, very bright in ways that I wasn't (thank goodness), and responsive.  He made everything work again, got me more memory, Helped my Apple phone talk to my pc.  In these days of incredible disappointments, this won't be one.  My advice is don't go anywhere else. Call BRINGING YOUR TECH TO LIFE.

Carroll Greene.png
Carroll Greene

Bringing Your Tech to Life, did a wonderful job of cleaning out and tuning-up my laptop. Very professional and knowledgeable, Technician is GREAT to work with and communicates in a timely and very helpful fashion. The BEST I have worked with! Carroll Greene

Shannon Middleton.png
Shannon Middleton

Paul is awesome!! He's one of the only people i trust with my computer. His prices are awesome and he is very through. He explains everything so i always know whats going on. Awesome guy!

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