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Bringing Your Tech to Life offers Flat Rate Repair for many common services. This is by far the best value to you, the customer. Simply put, there are aspects of repair that require the technician to start a scan or maintenance process and the computer does the rest of the work. When your device is being repaired at our shop you can guarantee you won't be billed for the time we're sitting there twiddling our thumbs!

Our intake process is very thorough and 99.99% of the time we can provide an accurate estimate on labor repairs. In the case where parts are ordered we give you the customer the choice of what parts are used. We often offer pricing estimates for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and Aftermarket Parts when available. If a part cost is considerably higher to order from the Manufacturer directly and we can obtain the same part from a Third Party for less we'll let you know. We let you decide how you want to spend your money. Obviously you can ask us how we'd proceed and we'll give you our own opinion.


One of the most common questions computer repair technicians are asked is "How long will the repair take?". If the technician has been in the business for awhile they should be able to give you a rough estimate based on previous experience. However, there are multiple cases that repair takes longer than expected and are out of our control. Examples may include:

  • Shipping of specific parts that we do not carry in store or requesting replacement parts when they are damaged in transit.

  • In Warranty Repair where the  Manufacturer has policies that require the original part to be shipped to them before sending a replacement.

  • Slow Internet speeds at the location for On Site Services.

  • Older Equipment, Equipment with slow Processors (CPU), or Equipment with below recommended amount of Memory (RAM) installed.

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