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Outstanding Mobile Device Diagnosis & Repair Service

Our Smart Phones are our lifeline to the outside world. When it drops from our hands we immediately freeze and watch it fall toward the sidewalk in slow motion. Once it hits the ground we rush to its aid. When breaks or other failures occur we're here to help.

At Bringing Your Tech to Life, we know everything about Smart Phones and you can trust us with yours. We can fix screen breakage, part replacements, water damage, charge port repairs and charge connector repairs. 

We understand what it feels like to break your favorite piece of tech and we want to put you at ease. With us, you’re getting the highest quality repair at the lowest price around.

Whether you have an Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or Note, Google Pixel, HTC, Motorola, LG or anything else, we can assure you that we can fix any problems that arise.

  • Cracked Screen? We can fix it.

  • Loose Charging Port? We'll solder it down or replace it. 

  • Let us know what the issue is, or come in for hardware / software diagnostic check.

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Smart Phone Screen Replacement


Did your phone take a nasty fall? If there are black blobs underneath the glass or touch screen you will likely need a screen replacement. If you have horizontal or vertical lines on the display it may also require the screen to be replaced.


Click HERE to see the difference between Digitizer Damage and Screen Damage. Be aware that some Manufacturers only sell the Screen and Digitizer as a complete unit.

Smart Phone Digitizer Replacement


Accidents happen, we get it. Smart Phone slipped out of your hand while texting or taking a selfie... Digitizer replacement is a quick and painless repair which can often be done same day assuming the part is in stock. If we don't have the part we can order it and have it installed as soon as it arrives.

Click HERE to see the difference between Digitizer Damage and Screen Damage. Be aware that most Manufacturers only sell the Screen and Digitizer as a complete unit.

Smart Phone Battery Replacement


If your device is no longer holding a charge it may be time for a battery replacement. Most phones today require a functional battery to even power on since the AC Adapter does not provide enough amperage to power the device. Many manufacturers are hiding batteries from consumers to prevent you from making this inexpensive repair. Let's face it the manufacturers make more money when you replace it rather than repair it. Lithium Ion batteries have a charge cycle life and will eventually needed to be replaced and the old recycled in accordance with State and Federal Laws.

Smart Phone Charge Port Repair


If your charge port jiggles and wiggles around it likely has broken loose from the daughter board or motherboard. In most cases the port can be soldered back onto the board as long as the inside components are not damaged. If soldering isn't an option we can replace the charging daughter board and get you back up and running.

Smart Phone Motherboard Replacement


Did your phone take a plunge with the fishes? Maybe a splash of Wine or Mountain Dew? If so immediately power off your device, remove the battery (if possible) and get your device serviced. The longer the electronic components inside are exposed to liquid the worse the corrosion will get.

Smart Phone Accessories and Add-Ons


With limited I/O (Input/Out) Connections many tablets and phones require wireless devices that utilize Bluetooth. With decreased bezels, larger screens and fragile glass panels, device protection is critical. Let us equip your devices with the best gear possible to maximize your productivity and protect your investment.

Smartphone Charger Replacement


Is your phone no longer charging or powering on? It may be a battery or DC Jack, but it could also be a faulty power cord or AC Adapter. We can test your AC Adapter with a multi-meter. If required we can provide you a price for a replacement. We always recommend O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacture) parts, especially when it comes to proving power to your device. However, if and when an O.E.M. part isn't available we can provide a reputable third party power cord that has the correct voltage, wattage and amperage for your device.

Smart Phone Operating System Repair


Is your phone no longer booting correctly? Specialized Software or the built in recovery partition can be used to reload the Operating System giving your device a fresh new start. If you're thinking about reselling your device you'll want to consider erasing your storage drive and reloading the operating system as well. Make sure you remove Device Lock or Find My iPhone.

Smart Phone Micro-Soldering


If your system board has extensive corrosion and the storage drive is soldered to the board your best option is micro-soldering repair. This process is outsourced to one of our partners. This is a preferred method of repair for many Apple products and Mobile Devices that have On-Board Storage which prevents data loss in the event that your do not have a current backup in place.

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