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Outstanding Computer Diagnosis & Repair Services

Your desktop is important in your day to day life, and we get that. No matter what the brand may be we can source the required parts and get it repaired. 

We offer a fast turnaround time; we boast flexible appointment times that will work with your schedule; we offer high quality repair solutions; and we are very experienced. In addition to all of these things, we offer great customer service. It is no wonder that locals choose to come to us for trusted assistance.

Whether you have an Apple iMac, Acer Aspire, Asus, Dell Inspiron, HP Pavilion, Lenovo ThinkCentre, or anything else, we can assure you that we can fix any problems that arise.

  • Dell with a bad Hard Drive? We can fix it.

  • HP that overheats? We’ll get it to “cool down.”

  • Let us know what the issue is, or come in for hardware / software diagnostic check.

microsoft windows 10 desktop


Desktop Screen Replacement


Accidents happen, we get it. The kickstand for your all and one desktop slid off the desk and the whole computer crashed to the floor. Maybe your toddler was working on their pitching skills... Don't laugh, this story is real. Don't give up hope. We can replace the screen and touch capabilities cheaper than a the cost of a complete replacement.

Desktop Virus Removal


It’s no fun when your desktop ends up with a virus. These little bugs can cause system sluggishness, pop ups, steal personal information and more. We offer virus removal on all types of devices including Windows, Macs and Chromebooks. We’ll make sure that the infections are removed and any damage they may have done is repaired, so that you can enjoy your device once more.

Desktop Motherboard Replacement


If your desktop powers on but you hear a series of beeps or see a series of blinking light your motherboard may be damaged. In some instances the motherboard may need to be replaced while in other cases it can be repaired on our bench or by one of our partners.

Desktop Storage Drive Replacement


Are you hearing a clicking noise from your Hard Disk Drive? Does you computer fail to boot into the Operating System? Your Storage Drive may be the culprit. A full diagnostic can reveal the status of your drive whether it is a Hard Disk Drive or Solid State Drive. Depending on the state of the drive we may be able to perform a Data Transfer to another drive before it's too late. If not we can take care of you with our Data Recovery options. No matter the status of your data we can at least get the drive replaced and have your desktop back up and running.

Desktop Overheating


Overheating is not a common issue for traditional desktops unless the unit is installed in an area with a lot of dust like a workshop. With a traditional desktop there is a lot of open space for dust to collect. This is not the case with All in One Desktops and Small Form Factor Desktops as their cooling components are smaller and more compact allowing dust build up which can clog up the heat-sink. If you notice your computer fan making an odd noise it may need cleaning. If the computer fans are constantly running the thermal compound which dispenses heat from the chipset to the heat-sink may need to be replaced.

Desktop Ram Upgrade


If you're finding yourself frustrated when your desktop bogs under heavy work loads you may need more RAM. If you have multiple browser tabs open, a word document being edited and streaming music at the same time you would be defined as "the multitasker". Increasing the computer memory or RAM will allow you to switch between open windows more efficiently. Depending on your desktop model will determine how much RAM can be added and what the max bandwidth or speed is compatible.

Desktop Storage Drive Upgrade


Is your internal storage drive full? Storage Drives come in many different physical form factor sizes as well as logical storage space, measured in gigabytes or terabytes. Let use provide you the options that best fit your needs today and down the road.

Desktop CPU Upgrade


Need a boost in performance on your Desktop PC? You may be able to upgrade the CPU for multi-core enhancements or faster GHz. For Custom Built Devices this is always an option and varies on Branded Desktops due to Power Supply limitations. If you want to get the most out of your silica  we may be able to overclock the CPU once custom cooling or better thermal paste is applied.

Desktop Power Supply Unit Replacement


If your desktop no longer powers on with no sign of fan spin or indicator lights the culprit is probably the Power Supply Unit. A power supply’s job is to convert the AC power from your wall outlet to DC power that your other components can use. Most Desktop PSU are between 350 to 450 Watts, whereas Gaming Desktops have PSUs ranging from 450 to 1200 Watts. When choosing a replacement PSU or purchasing a new PSU it is important to look at the efficiency rating and the required wattage of the components.

Desktop Power Cord Replacement


Some Desktop Computers do not have an Internal Power Supply but use an AC Adapter. This is more common with low end CPU that can run on 45 to 90 watts of power or Small Form Factor or Micro Tower Desktops.

Desktop Operating System Repair


Is your desktop no longer booting correctly? Maybe your plagued with kernel panics or "blue screens of death"... no matter the case we can repair operating system corruption.

Desktop CPU Heatsink Upgrade


A CPU Heat-Sink acts similar to the radiator in your car, dispersing heat and blowing it away from the internals. When choosing the right heat-sink the case design and air flow is important to consider. In high end gaming machines it is common for the Heat-Sink to be paired with a water cooled radiator and a pump which allows the components to be cooled more efficiently.

Desktop Graphics Card Upgrade


New game downloaded and unhappy with the Frames Per Second? It may be time for a Graphics Card Upgrade. Graphics Cards perform the rendering of visual effects. A Graphics Card can also be used to allow multiple display screens to be connected to your machine.

Desktop Motherboard Upgrade


The Mother Board or System Board is the backbone or spinal cord of your computer where all components connect and communicate with each other. The type and chipset of your Motherboard will determine the CPU that can be installed, the amount and type of RAM and how many internal components and external peripherals can be connected. Motherboards come in several Form Factors including Extended ATX (EATX), Standard ATX, Mini ATX and Micro ATX.

Desktop & Gaming Computer Water Cooling
Desktop Computer Surge Supressors


What a silent experience for your high end gear? Water Cooling is the way to go. We can assist with choosing and installing the right CPU and GPU Radiators.


Surges in power can cause catastrophic damage to electrical equipment. You don’t realize the importance of protecting yourself from this until you suffer the consequences of having to replace thousands of dollars’ worth of electronics.
There are several options out there for surge protection, but not all of them perform equally. It is important to have any outside line to go through a Surge Suppressor before it connects to your devices. It is also important to choose a Surge Suppressor that has a high enough Joule Rating to protect the equipment connected.

Desktop Computer Monitor Upgrades


Desktop Monitors have involved just as much as our Televisions over the years. We can assist you with choosing the right monitor for your usage including Refresh Rate, Viewing Angle, Resolution, Energy Efficiency and Size.

Computer Cable Management


With all the devices that connect to our computers it is very easy to have a mess of tangled wires. We can assist with cleaning up the mess to give your office or home a professional and aesthetically pleasing look.

Desktop Dual Monitor Upgrades


When it comes to multi-tasking there is nothing better than dual displays. Many businesses have starting implementing multiple monitors to increase the efficiency of their employees. This benefit can transcend to personal use as well.

Desktop PCI Card Expansions and PCI-Express Upgrades


Internal Cards can be used to increase the amount of available ports to connect to peripherals or add new features that were not already available on your Motherboard. You may wish to add Wireless to your Desktop, add a USB-C Port or maybe communicate with older hardware with a Serial or Parallel Connector.

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