Device Brands & Component Replacements

We Service all brands of Computers:


Dell, HP, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Lenovo, IBM, Samsung, Toshiba, Sony, Acer, Asus, Fujtisu, Gatway, Compaq, and Alienware, 

When it comes time to replace an individual component of your computer we work directly with the Manufacturers and other Distributors to insure you get the best price possible. In many cases computer manufacturers do not produce the individual components, but outsource the parts to third party vendors. Once all the parts are shipped to the manufacturer's facility the company assembles the computer. One example involves a college student who brought his laptop in with a busted screen. When contacting Lenovo directly the LCD and Touch Assembly was quoted at $308.00. However after removing the LCD and Touch Assembly and getting the Part Number we were able to source the part directly from LG for a cost of $182.00. Removing the "middle man" in this equation saved this student $126.00 on parts. 

Whatever the reason for your computer being damaged, we don’t judge.  We just fix.  No questions asked.  Your hinge may be on its last thread or casing could be dented beyond belief.  We have been known to make miracles happen and we’ll provide the same miraculous fix to your computer. We recommend not to let your damaged computer issue linger.  If you have a bad hinge, jack, or another failing part, take care of it right away or else it could get worse and lead to other parts worsening as well.

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