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Bringing Your Tech to Life - Remote Support


  • Computer downtime can be a stressful experience and we understand that.

  • No one enjoys dealing with a persnickety laptop or desktop. 

  • It can be difficult to get your device in for repair or maintenance.

  • Everyone has busy lives. From work or school, ball practice, science fair projects that are due tomorrow, church, grocery shopping... the list goes on. Talk about STRESS! 

  • Dealing with a problem that occurs right away is the best course of action. There's no since in letting it get worse right?

  • We're prepared to get you up and running as soon as possible. All you need to do is pickup up the phone and give us a call. 

  • We offer a convenient, speedy, and reliable remote computer repair service to you while in the comfort of your home.


  • AeroAdmin requires no installation or configuration, just download and launch it on your Windows Computer. 

  • Provide the AeroAdmin ID number to the Bringing Your Tech to Life technician to establish a connection.

  • Click the required prompts on the screen to allow the technician to begin working. 

  • Sit back and relax while we do all the work. 

  • Common services include software troubleshooting and repair, general device customization, e-mail tweaks or repair, update errors, backup problems and more.  

  • As long as your device has Internet Access we can get you taken care of. Don't have Internet? Give us a call. At least with us, you don't have to press four or five prompts to speak with a real person. 


We have provided some screen shots on getting started with Remote Access.

Directions 01.PNG
Directions 02.PNG
Directions 03 Chrome.png
Directions 04 Edge.png
Directions 05 Firefox 01.png
Directions 05 Firefox 02.png
Directions 10.png
Directions 11.png
Directions 12.png
Directions 13.png


  • We have provided the direct link for downloading Aero Admin Remote Access Executable File in the event that our hosting is down. Click the button to your right to begin service.

  • Remember never give access to unknown callers! Apple, Microsoft, your Internet Service Provider or Bank will never call and ask access to your PC! Bringing Your Tech to Life will never call you unless you have called us first or you have a scheduled appointment.

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