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North Carolina Computer Repair


Locations and Coverage Area

Below is a list of the surrounding areas we cover. ​

​Our Trip Fee is calculated based on the round trip mileage from our address to your location.

Trip Fee can be calculated by multiplying the total mileage by $1.

You may also bring our device to our shop for flat rate repairs.

Working on Laptop

Providing the Tech Support you need

3 Levels of Computer Service:

Drop Off, Pickup / Delivery, and Onsite Service with drop off being the lowest cost and on site being the highest. We offer these three service levels so people can choose the level of service they require and fits their budget. The one exception is we usually do NOT do hardware repairs on-site except in rare cases. Hardware repairs need to be performed at our shop with electro-static mats, soldering stations, magnification and proper lighting, and other specialized equipment present.

Our Computer Repair Shop is located on Ralph Boyles Road in King, NC. We are NOT ALWAYS there as we provide On Site Services, so it’s best to call first. Our drop off service is by appointment. Give us a call or submit a repair ticket to setup an appointment. You can call us anytime to talk about your computer repair, laptop repair or computer service issue. If you would like to call for an initial consultation, we might be able to give you some sort of idea of what your options are on the phone. Sometimes, full diagnostics are required to determine what is wrong with a computer and give an idea of what it might cost to do a repair. Sometimes it is necessary to actually take a machine apart to get an idea of what is wrong. In this instance you will have to leave your computer or call in a pick-up. One of our professional technicians will pick your machine up and give you a signed pick-up receipt. We will call you and give you an estimate before we begin any repair.

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