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Migrating Contacts Microsoft to Google

Many user's have had the same e-mail address on a specific platform for over a decade and decide to shift to a different platform that has more features or integrates with their current device's software. Whatever the reason may be, a client asked me how to migrate from a Microsoft Hotmail Account to a Google G-Suite Account.

Address Book on Smart Phone and Email Client

You may not be using the paid platform of G-Suite and are instead using the free Google Gmail but the process is still the same either way.

How to Export Contacts from a Microsoft Account

1) Log into your Microsoft Account at (You may be used to using / / but all these address automatically re-direct to the first address provided) using your account User Name and Password.

Microsoft Account Login Page

2) Click on the People Icon located in the bottom left hand corner

Microsoft Outlook Webmail Interface

3) This will direct you to the Contact portion of your Microsoft Account https:/// where you will need to click the option of "All Contacts" and then click "Manage" in the top right hand corner. Then choose "Export Contacts"

Microsoft Outlook Contact List Interface

4) After clicking "Export Contacts" a window will appear where you can specify a specific group if you have contacts sorted, or you can choose to leave the default setting of "All Contacts". Then click the "Export" button.

Microsoft Outlook Export Contacts

5) Once the file is exported it will automatically download as a .CSV File which stands for "Comma Separated Value". This file format is most often recognized as a Microsoft Office Excel Spreadsheet but multiple other programs including Apple Numbers, Google Sheets or Libre Office Calc are also able to open and work with this file type. Depending on your browser will determine how you will see the file after it has downloaded. In this example I am using Microsoft Edge which is very similar to Google Chrome, the file appears in the bottom left of the Internet Browser Window.

Microsoft Outlook Contacts Export to Excel CSV File

6) Once the file has been downloaded it is now time to log into the account where the information will be imported.

How to Import Contacts into Google Contacts

1) Log into your Google Account at using your User Name and Password.

Google Gmail Login Page

2) Click on the Google Navigation Menu, often referred to as the "Apps Grid" in the top right hand corner of the website and scroll through until you see the App for "Contacts"

Google Gmail Webmail Interface

3) Click on "Contacts" to take you to the Contacts landing page for your Google Account which can also be directly accessed by visiting

Google Apps and Services Interface

4) Once in Google Contacts you should see any existing contacts you may have already added to your Google account. To Import the contacts previously exported click on the "Menu Button" in the top left hand corner of the website. This icon is sometimes called "the hamburger" (I do not know why... it is missing lettuce, chili and tomato but I digress) and look for "Import"

Google Contacts Interface

5) Click on "Import" from the drop down window.

Google Contacts Import Interface

6) At this point you will need to click on "Select File" from the Window that appears and navigate to your "Downloads Folder" on your computer and upload the "contacts.csv" file previous downloaded. You may wish to add a custom label (similar to a folder) to sort the items being uploaded. In this example I named the label "Contacts Jan. 2021"

Google Contacts Import from Excel CSV File

7) Once you've navigated to your downloads folder and found the file previously exported, it is time to upload it. Simply click the "Open" button once the file is selected.

Accessing a File stored in Windows 10 Downloads Folder

8) You'll be greeted by the final import window just confirming the Label Name and File that is being uploaded. Click "Import" in the lower right hand corner of the window.

Google Contacts import Excel CSV File

9) You see a status dialogue in the bottom right of the website as the items are added to your Google Contacts. Once it is finished it will say "All done" and you'll see in the top left hand corner of the website the total number of contacts imported.

Google Contacts Import Successfull

10) Lastly you may want to click on the "Menu Bottom" (previously mentioned as the hamburger) and click click on "Merge and fix" to combine entries in your Google Contacts that have similar names. These mergers can be performed in bulk or individually.

Google Contacts Merge and Fix Option

I hope this guide has helped you in migrating contacts from Microsoft to Google. The process is relatively the same going from one platform to the other. Whether that platform is Apple iCloud, Microsoft Outlook, Google Contacts, Yahoo Mail or even your Internet Service Providers Webmail Interface.


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