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Laptop Screen Replacement

First off, if your laptop screen is cracked or damaged, let me send my deepest sympathies. But don't fret this type of repair has some complexity but doesn't have to cost a small fortune.

Unless the damage is covered by a warranty (and it almost certainly isn’t), I strongly recommend against going to the manufacturer. You could easily end up waiting weeks while boxes are shipped back and forth, only to get low-quality work, have your hard drive reformatted for no reason, or be overcharged for the experience. Or, perhaps, all three. To avoid these issues you should find a well rated and reputable Local Computer Repair Shop.

Difference between a Cracked, Defection, or Off Laptop Display and how to fix in Winston Salem, NC

The first thing a repair technician needs to know is the Make and Model of your device to determine the cost of parts. What many individuals don't realize is that Laptop Screens are configured with multiple screen sizes, aspect ratios, resolutions, connections types and mounting type, screen finish... the list goes on.

Screen Sizes on laptops can vary from as small as 10.1" to as large as 18.4". These two extremes are mostly outliers as most user's laptop screens are 14.1", 15.6" and 17.3" in size.

Laptop Screen Sizes determine replacement cost

The predominant display aspect ratio on today’s PC market, including laptops, 2-in-1 hybrids, tablets, and monitors, is 16:9. Also referred to as widescreen aspect ratio, it is suitable for movies and YouTube videos. Narrower screens such as those on Microsoft Surface devices with 3:2 aspect ratio are better optimized for productivity. The latter are closer to aspect ratios of paper documents and have ability to display more rows of text than the comparable 16:9 panels. Another widescreen aspect ratio you can find on mobile computers today is 16:10, but it is used on small number of devices. Primarily on compact 2-in-1 laptop / tablet PC hybrids.

Resolution refers to number of pixels that make up the image on a screen. A higher pixel count on a screen means sharper pictures, movies and text. It also means more space for displaying web pages and applications and side-by-side program use. Display resolution is expressed using horizontal and vertical pixel counts. The most frequently used resolutions on laptop and 2-in-1 PCs nowadays are 1366-by-768 (also known as HD) and 1920-by-1080 (Full HD or 1080p). 1920-by-1080 is the most appropriate screen resolution for laptops, in our opinion. Many of the affordable notebooks come with 1366-by-768 panels, which provide usable but not so sharp picture. However, inclusion of a Full HD display means a higher overall cost of a device and a somewhat greater power consumption. On the other hand, on smaller notebooks such as the popular low-priced 11.6-inchers, 1366×768 provides acceptable crispiness due to higher pixel per square inch (PPI) value.

Matte or Glossy finishes are both common on laptops and a user can decide to use a different finish when performing the repair assuming the device is not a touch screen. Glossy displays have more vivid color and contrast. Colors appear more intense and saturated, while blacks appear deeper. However, light shining on the display can cause extremely noticeable reflections. Sunlight is the worst case scenario — either direct sunlight outside or even just sunlight coming in through a window. Reflections can make a glossy display basically unusable in direct sunlight, whereas Matte screens have an anti-glare coating applied to them, so they’re much better at preventing reflections. It’s easier to see a matte screen in a bright room, whether you’re dealing with sunlight or just intense light from overhead fluorescent light bulbs in an office. The downside is that this coating makes colors appear a bit more dull.

Matte and Glossy Laptop Screen Replacement in King, NC

Bringing Your Tech to Life are experts in Laptop screen repair in the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina. Our goal is to get you through this screen cracked trouble as quickly and painlessly as possible. This means locating the right part for your device at the best value possible. Bringing Your Tech to Life has our preferred vendor for screens that offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defect. However, if we can source the part for your laptop for less we let you know and you can decide what we order. Most Laptop Screens are between $39.00 to $99.00 depending on size, finish and resolution.

We fix all broken screen related problems (Laptop screen repair near me) whether you have a damaged Dell Inspiron, an HP Pavilion, MSI Gaming Laptop or Acer Aspire.

Our team of expert laptop repair technicians will provide our best estimate based on all information provided. Upon receiving your laptop a highly qualified technicians will diagnose the problems and confirm the cost of repair with you before we proceed. We are confident that we can do all types of laptops. We have vendors that have all the leading manufacturers including hard-to-find Laptop screens.

Honestly, lots of customers don’t know how much it will cost them when the laptop screen cracked happened. Submit a ticket for a free estimate on your Laptop Screen Replacement we will provide the LCD replacement quote within 24 hours..

Laptop Screen Replacement and Repair in Stokes County, North Carolina

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