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Handling Hackers

Criminals break into your systems, they do the usual, exfiltrate data, deploy ransomware, and leave you nasty messages about how they pwned you while blackmailing you.

Computer Virus and Ransomware
What to do when your computer is hit with Ransomware

It is an unfortunate pattern that is repeated all too often around the world.

However, New Square Ltd may have found a way to stop the criminals from capitalizing on the data they have stolen by making it illegal for the criminals to release any of the stolen information. You can read the injunction here New Square Limited -v- Person or Persons Unknown (privacy order) Claim No: QB-2021-002482. I guess we have finally found a solution to criminal hacking... just make it illegal!

Place Malicious Hackers behind bars in prison
Malicious Hackers belong in prison

Sure making it illegal has already been placed into law... a lot of good its done so far

Until something can be done it ends up being the responsibility of Consumers and Business IT Administrations to protect their own systems, their data and their private infrastructure. If you're not sure how to do this hiring a company that specializes in system security is the first step. The second step is learning how to identify malicious threats and improving your knowledge of this ever changing field. No matter how much security is put in place the biggest threat to any system can be found only by looking in the mirror.

The next big idea may be:

Make it where private sale of Computers are illegal, unless you go with the other party and a notary public, to a Big Box store, and fill out a CPWIA-404 Permit Form (Computer Processing w/ Internet Access) together including MAC addresses for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Ethernet, as well as the serial number of the processor to be witnessed and signed, with a background check through the FBI and SBI, before you can give a laptop, tablet, or phone to an individual over 21 years old. Then the BCTD (Bureau of Computers Tablets and Devices) will get with you in the next 90-120 days to see if the purchase is approved. *eye roll*

Can anyone think of any other ways we can enhance our security theatre in ineffective ways? :)


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