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Updated: Jan 29

Start the new year with the Right Plan. By making sure you have a data backup plan for all your precious memories! We've heard every story in the book on data loss, whether you're a consumers or a businesses a data backup plan is necessary.

Data Loss can happen to anyone at any time. Here's a few examples:

Storage Drive Failure:

Below is an example of a Hard Disk Drive with the Read / Write Head grinding on the Drive Platters. You can tell once the cover is removed that the platter motor is damaged. I should mention that you should never remove the cover of a Hard Disk Drive unless you have an ISO Clean Room. Certainly this drive could be sent to a data lab for recovery and most of the files would salvaged but to what cost? Do you really want to fork over hundreds if not thousands of dollars?

Power Surge:

Below is an example of a circuit board that took a lightning strike. This particular board was pulled from a TV but the principle is still the same. Electricity takes the path of least resistance to find a common ground. Any component that receives a voltage beyond its designed tolerance will be fried. In some cases the removable storage drive is unaffected... if you're lucky... However, we're talking lightning, and the odds of being struck by lightning are pretty low, like 1 in 500,000... so luck probably isn't in your favor. Are you going to put your valuable data on the table of a high stakes card game? I don't think so.

Damaged Circuit Board from Power Surge

User Error:

This is the most common type of data loss we see. If the device is shut down shortly after the deletion occurs the recovery chance is high. The key is to recover the data before new information is written over it. However, must people panic and start downloading and installing all sort of data recovery tools on the drive where the file was originally deleted from, thus decreasing the recovery chance. Best thing to do is shut down the device and seek a professional.

Accidental File Deletion


No one things of theft when it comes to data loss... but it happens. In fact the FBI reports on average that a burglary occurs every 26 seconds in the United States. This wood be ninja of the night is going to ransack your home for anything of value. That includes your laptop, tablet or phone. The device can be replaced... but your Meemaw's Top Secret Smoked Texan Brisket Recipe isn't.

Common Thief can breech data security


The most frustrating type of data loss in our opinion. Your kid tries downloading some free music or a hack for Fortnite when in reality they just downloaded a malicious payload designed to run in the background copying all your files and encrypting them with a 256-bit encryption. Once the encryption is completed a pop up occurs informing you that you have to pay a hefty fee in Bit Coin or Target Gift Cards to get the unlock code. They may unlock your files after you've paid up... then again they might not.

Example of Ransomware that Encrypted Personal Files

Whatever the case may be, these things happen and it is important to plan ahead. Look, no one can put a price tag on your digital memories. I've always said, "If you can't afford to lose it keep it on two devices. If you REALLY CAN'T afford to lose it keep it in two locations". That's why Bringing Your Tech to Life has partnered with Carbonite to provide our clients the best solution in Cloud Backup. Carbonite is extremely easy to use and at the end of the day affordable!

Carbonite Data Backup Features

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