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Top 5 benefits of Monterey Mac OS

Top 5 Benefits of Monterey that Mac Users Wait for

macOS Monterey is the latest and most innovative desktop operating system (OS) for Mac computers. Apple announced its launch in June 2021 at the Worldwide Developers Conference, and since that time, Mac users have been waiting for it impatiently. macOS Monterey comes with a variety of new features and possibilities, which will make Mac computers even more efficient and user-friendly. Numerous benefits of this OS will likely be welcomed even by skeptics and fans of the previous macOS Big Sur. This article examines the expected advantages of macOS Monterey and explains how they will enhance users’ experiences.

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Mac OS Monterey new look

MacOS Monterey Features and Top Benefits

Before we provide an overview of macOS Monterey, let us say a few words about macOS in general. Apple’s desktop operating system has been developed and updated regularly since 2001. It’s also the second most popular OS for desktop and laptop computers after Windows. Initially, all new macOS were named after big cats, but this tradition was later changed, so now, Apple uses places in California to name the new macOS versions.

macOS Monterey comes with many changes. These will allow greater focus when using the device, which is particularly useful for those relying on Mac for study and work. The system will also allow for improved social experiences as it will help connect with friends and family even more meaningfully. Seamless connection of Apple devices promised by developers is another feature devoted Apple fans are looking for. Let’s discuss the most exciting benefits that the new operating system will bring:

  1. Enhanced sharing functions. macOS will introduce SharePlay, a brand-new feature in FaceTime helping Apple device owners share their experiences with other people. For example, it will be possible to listen to the same music via FaceTime or show someone your desktop, either in full or partially. Another feature called Shared with You will make it easier to locate content sent through different platforms, such as Safari, Apple TV, Apple News, etc. Given that users share links and media and audio files all the time, this feature will likely be one of the most popular.

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  1. Universal control. One of the biggest improvements concerns the possibility of using a single trackpad, mouse, and keyboard across different Mac computers and iPads. It means more efficient and smooth work for users as their devices will connect and work in tandem. This continuity feature is handy for those having several Apple devices and using them simultaneously. Another exciting feature is that users will be able to drag files from one device to another in one click. However, it will be available on the latest device models only, so you’ll have to replace your older Macs and iPads if you need this function.

  2. Increased focus on tasks. This feature is a more sophisticated version of Big Sur’s Do Not Disturb function, allowing notifications to be less annoying. As a result, users will concentrate on their work or simply relax without being disturbed by constant emails and messages.

  3. M1 Mac owners will also take advantage of the Visual Look Up and Live Text features. These will allow to interact with images more meaningfully and look for information faster. For example, users can click on a photo of a dog they found online and ask the system to identify its breed. The feature will thus make it much easier to find and use information online.

  4. Shortcuts are another much-desired function that macOS Monterey will bring. It will allow creating automatic routines, that is, tasks that your computer will perform to make your experience more comfortable. For example, you can ask the device to sort your files or launch the apps you regularly use at a set time.

Final Remarks

Intrigued? Recently, it has been announced that macOS Monterey will become available on October 25, so we bet you already look forward to trying it. If you can’t wait any longer, you can sign up for beta testing, which will give you a hint of how the system will work. However, be prepared to experience some bugs and glitches as the software is not 100% ready yet.


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